We CAN Stop This GA Biomass Plant

Community members from Adel, Georgia all the way to northern Florida need our help. Despite the pandemic, many residents turned out at the City Council meeting to let council members know that they oppose the city approving a zoning change from Agricultural to HEAVY Industrial so a Texas corporation, The Renewable Biomass Group, can build a new wood pellet plant. If the city agrees to the rezoning, this group will open a wood pellet plant that produces nearly 500,000 TONS of wood pellets per year, cutting down almost 12,000 acres of forested land each year, and spewing tons of heat-trapping CO2 and other pollutants into our atmosphere. These lands will take decades to grow back, if they ever do. All that to fill some multinational corporate coffers by selling wood pellets to Europe to burn for dirty electricity.

We are fighting for Georgia and Florida. We are fighting for all of us, for our climate, and our future. Take action before the final vote on 9/21. Be sure to personalize your comment.