Drax Loses Major Subsidy Battle in the UK

UK Utility giant Drax, lost its courts battle and was denied a major subsidy to convert a coal unit to biomass. This decision was timed with a new IPCC report that says we need drastic emissions cuts to stave off the worst impacts of climate change…

Ant-biomass Lobby Takes to the Halls of Congress

Our friends at various groups around the country fighting wood-burning biomass facilities took to the halls of Congress today to lobby for the end of unjust subsidies for biomass… Anti-Biomass Incineration & Forest Protection Campaign Lobbies Washington, D.C. Legislators The national grassroots Anti-Biomass Incineration and Forest Protection Campaign is in Washington, D.C. on July 14 […]

Hope Springs Eternal at the US Social Forum

  Dogwood Alliance shares thoughts from the US Social Forum in Detroit…   Last week, Lindsey and Scot along with our friends at Bountiful Cities joined over 30,000 people at the US Social Forum in Detroit. It was an exciting and enlivening event where we attended various workshops and gave a couple of our own; […]

Reflections on Our Southern Forests

A beautiful piece by Dogwood Alliance boardmember Ginger Dollar reflecting on our Southern forests and why they need to be protected… My family is about as southern as one can be settling parts of Georgia and some of Western North Carolina. I grew up surrounded by trees. From the gently, rolling hillsides of the Piedmont […]

KFC Needs to Do Its Fair Share for Forests

Andrew attended the KFC shareholder meeting to tell them to stop destroying our forests. Watch how it went! Last week I attended the KFC shareholder meeting in Louisville, KY directly asking the CEO and Board of Directors to change the way they think about paper and stop destroying Southern forests for their paper packaging. For […]