IP Makes Good on Commitment to Conserve Forests

As you may remember, this past spring International Paper (IP) made a game-changing agreement with Dogwood Alliance to increase protection of Southern forests. This week they announced more details on their $7.5 million commitment to fund a five-year effort with National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to restore 200,000 acres of forestland in the Southeast.

Scientists Urge EU To Rethink Burning Southern US Forests To Fight Climate Change

Originally published in the Huffington Post. Written by Bob Cabin, Dogwood Alliance Board Member and Professor of Ecology & Environmental Science, Brevard College: A group of over 60 US scientists, including such luminaries as E. O. Wilson, Tom Lovejoy, Gretchen Daily, and Reed Noss, recently sent a letter to EU decision-makers urging them to take swift action to “develop and adopt sustainability criteria and carbon accounting requirements to ensure adequate protections for forests and the climate. “

Show Your Love for our Planet: Enter the Eco Arts Awards

Dogwood Alliance, as you know, is a proud proponent of clean, renewable energy, forest conservation and efficiency, and taking responsibility for our planet. One of the ways you can help create a movement of environmental consciousness is through our friends and partners at Eco Arts Awards, where you can get creative and express your love for the earth through your art.

NC Trees are Not Trash and Wood Pellets are Not ‘Green’

Originally published in the Raleigh News & Observer. Written by Dr. Andrew George. There are some obvious ironies in logging trees, shipping them to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and burning them in European power stations under the guise of “green energy.” In fact, the most recent data show that burning whole trees is worse (per unit of energy) for the environment than burning fossil fuels like coal.