Carbon Canopy Vision Nears Reality

At the spring meeting of the Carbon Canopy, Dogwood Alliance’s forest carbon project, members and funders got out onto the land to “kick the tires” on the first two carbon sequestration sites.

A Special Message from Campaign Director Scot Quaranda

Check out this video of Campaign Director Scot Quaranda! We need your donation today to get staff and volunteers to Louisville, Kentucky for the KFC shareholders meeting on May 17th! Help us protect our Southern forests!

Turning up the Springtime Heat on KFC

A March Madness NCAA tournament round at the YUM! Brands Arena (named after KFC’s parent company) proved the perfect venue to call attention to the company’s support of destructive forestry practices. On March 17th,Dogwood fielded a 7-man parody team, The KFC Forest Destroyers, outside the arena.