Happy World Turtle Day!

One of the oldest reptiles in the world… As one of the very oldest of living reptiles, the turtle is a special animal. For generations before ours the turtle symbolized the primal mother. Honored in many cultures, the turtle is a reminder that the Earth provides for all of our needs. The turtle is also […]

Inspiring Words from the IP Shareholders Meeting

“Change is painful but the failure to change is the kiss of death.” As I fly through the air on my way back to North Carolina from the (IP) annual shareholder meeting in White Plains New York, I can’t help but wonder just how long it will take for IP’s CEO, John Faraci, to get it that his […]

Sunrise as Zuni Pine Barrens

From Our Friends at Gulf Restoration Network

GRN is a great organization working to protect the Gulf. Read about the campaign to Save our Cypress forests…   SUCCESSFUL CYPRESS ACTION AT THE LOWE’S CORPORATE HEAQDQUARTERS A quick update from Charlotte, NC for everyone. Yesterday, about 20 activists and I demonstrated outside the Lowe’s Corporate Headquarters with banners and fliers calling on Lowe’s to live up […]