Green Music Marketing 101

10 easy things musicians can do to go green to celebrate earth day… Earth Day Marketing In 10 Easy Steps I was recently at a workshop led by Environmental Lifestyle Expert Danny Seo – a best-selling author & media personality. The room was filled with industry and corporate representatives, product consumers and music fans. Obviously […]

An inspiring leap forward

Implementation may not be the sexiest work Dogwood Alliance does. It goes on behind the scenes with lots of phone calls, meetings and data. Every company is different and sometimes the process is frustrating. But ultimately, implementation is where the rubber hits the road.Otherwise, the agreements we worked so hard to achieve would result in little, if any, on-the-ground change.

Note From a Virginia Ecologist

These forests are not only economically important to me; I depend on them for my own peace of mind… As an ecology PhD student at Old Dominion University, I depend heavily on field work for scientific research that will push me towards the completion of my degree. Without these forests, it would be  impossible to complete not only my […]

Sunrise as Zuni Pine Barrens

Old Growth in Missouri Needs Your Help

Our friends at the Gracey Foundation in Missouri need your help…   The Maple Woods nature preserve in Clay County Missouri (Northeast of Kansas City) is under heavy development pressure and land adjoining it is currently up for sale. The suburban preserve is filled with Old Growth Oak, Maple and Mockernut Hickory and the seven […]