Coming Ashore in Port City

Noelle and I have arrived in Wilmington – the Port City! And quickly, it’s become clear to us that of all the things Wilmington has become famous for – Dawson’s Creek, massive sprawl, more lattes than you can shake a stick at – the Green Swamp is by far its most awesome asset. We got […]

Clearcut, Wilmington, NC

Focal Area–NC and VA

Abigail has met some great people, all who have a place in their hearts for Southern forests.   I spent a couple more days at Lake Waccamaw last week, speaking with folks and checking out the Nature Conservancy’s preserve down in the Green Swamp.They recently acquired an additional piece of land known as Juniper Creek, […]

Update from Abigal, to NC and Green Swamp

Interviews, photos and clearcuts. The last few days have been a whirlwind, and I cannot believe these forests are being clearcut for packaging…   Now I’m down at Lake Waccamaw, a large shallow lake west of Wilmington that’s one of the Carolina Bays. I’ve been talking with local folks about the distinctive characteristics of the […]

Swamp Sunset

Update–Amazing Forests, Abigail in the Focal Area

My next stop was the Zuni Pine Barrens in southeast Virginia, a long leaf pine restoration project..   This site is adjacent to the Antioch Pine Barrens, another long leaf pine restoration area managed by the state.Long leaf pine forests used to cover much of the region; Zuni, Virginia is around the northernmost part of its natural range. These straight-growing […]

An Update From the Focal Area–on the ground

This past week and a half I’ve had a whirlwind tour through Dogwood’s new focal area, the unique swamps and forests of coastal North Carolina and southeast Virginia. I’m here doing a listening project, speaking with folks about life in this neck of the woods, their experiences with the land, the area’s diverse ecosystems, and […]

Roots, The Great Dismal Swamp