Coastal Roadshow, day 1–Wilmington, NC

On the road highlighting the fast food industry’s packaging problem… We are on the road again. This time, traveling through Dogwood Alliance’s coastal focal areas to do a series of presentations, highlight the packaging problem’s impacts in this area and meet some of the local community groups also working to protect majestic Southern forests. After […]

Coastal Roadshow, Day 1

Why go green?

Why would the music industry go green besides the fact that it’s good for the planet? Lotsa reasons. The biggest to me being that it IS good for the planet—for our forests, to slow global warming,and for future generations of music lovers. But it also makes economic sense for the music industry. Think about all […]

Decatur Earth Day

Well the wind was there but the heavy rain held off until after the event was over… The Decatur Earth Day celeabration was a big success! Thanks so much to the volunteers, bands, and sponsors who made this all possible. A special shout out goes to Tree Sound Studios for providing all the sound the […]

Jeff, Danna, Summer

My Green Swamp Experience

When the opportunity presented itself this week, I traveled east to coastal North Carolina hoping to glimpse something that is at the heart of Dogwood’s mission- a bit of remaining wilderness.   In March, as we at Dogwood Alliance continued to pressure businesses and individuals in the health and beauty and music industries to change […]