Decatur Earth Day

Well the wind was there but the heavy rain held off until after the event was over… The Decatur Earth Day celeabration was a big success! Thanks so much to the volunteers, bands, and sponsors who made this all possible. A special shout out goes to Tree Sound Studios for providing all the sound the […]

Jeff, Danna, Summer

My Green Swamp Experience

When the opportunity presented itself this week, I traveled east to coastal North Carolina hoping to glimpse something that is at the heart of Dogwood’s mission- a bit of remaining wilderness.   In March, as we at Dogwood Alliance continued to pressure businesses and individuals in the health and beauty and music industries to change […]

The Packaging Revolution!

This week is the kick-off of Dogwood’s packaging campaign. This campaign targets companies that use paper-packaging products sourced from endangered Southern forests. Think about it: what could be more wasteful than when a company cuts down trees to make the packaging we discard after purchasing the product? Does the box that my Dove soap comes […]

Take the Packaging Pledge

We know that everyone feels frustrated by the packaging problem and we have heard from hundreds with great rants and cool new suggestions. Check out a few of our favorite ones and don't forget to Take the Pledge and add some comments of your own.