Think Wood Pellets are Green? Think Again.

Recent science shows that many forms of biomass — especially from forests — produce higher carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels. In particular, a growing body of peer-reviewed, scientific studies shows that burning wood from whole trees in power plants to produce electricity can increase carbon emissions relative to fossil fuels for many decades — anywhere from 35 to 100 years.

Passion For the Forest Movement: My Dogwood Internship

I’ve greatly enjoyed working with others who are passionate about the environment. Thinking back on my experience at Dogwood, I can’t be anything but positive. Working with Emily, I’ve helped organize student group connections, volunteer night events and Earth Day events on campuses across the southeast, including on my campus at Brevard College.

Shop at Whole Foods in Asheville to Protect Forests

It’s so simple! Just go grocery shopping at Whole Foods Market on Tunnel Road with your own bag, and voila! You’ve helped, in a small way, to increase protection for Southern forests. We encourage you to buy your nourishing food and put it in reusable bags (something you may already be doing).