European Utilities Launch “Green Energy” Bomb Aimed at Southern Forests

At a time when scientific evidence is mounting that burning trees for electricity will actually result in increased carbon emissions when compared to coal over the next 30 to 50 years, utilities in Europe are making a mad dash to convert coal burning power plants to wood, all in the name of “renewable energy.” The recent explosion in the use of wood to generate electricity in Europe has resulted in the proliferation of new mills across the US South that are turning whole trees into wood pellets for export to European utility companies.

Massachusetts Gets it Right: Burning wood is not a green energy solution

Last week, an article in the Wall Street Journal reported that the State of Massachusetts began implementing strict regulations on the burning of wood in power plants to generate electricity. The new regulations are based on an emerging body of scientific research documenting that burning wood on a large scale, and in particular the burning of whole trees, will likely result in increased carbon emissions when compared to coal and other fossil fuels. The new regulations are aimed at ensuring that energy providers who use wood as a “renewable” energy source are actually achieving net carbon emission reductions when compared to fossil fuels.