Even in a soft economy people care about green

Our strategy is working friends! A report released by Office Depot yesterday announced that even with the economic slowdown statistics continue to support the claim that “green” is important for today’s business professionals and consumers. Apparently sales from the company’s Green Book continue to rise. Office Depot began selling and marketing green products because Dogwood […]

CEO has Turkey With a Side of Consumer Activism

This holiday season, the Dogwood Alliance is thankful for –GRASSROOTS ACTION!   Last Tuesday, November 25th, right before most of the country departed for dinner tables and family homesteads far and wide, our No Free Refills campaign turned up the heat on some of the biggest fast-food junkies – Wendy’s & Arby’s. So, picture this – you’re the […]

Recycling is Better for the Economy

It’s a fact. Recycling Adds Greater Economic Value than Throwing It All Away It’s a fact: recycling creates greater economic value than “throwing it all away.” Yet for years, we have ignored the tremendous economic potential of recycling. Every ton of newspapers recycled and every ton of aluminum saved from the garbage heap creates jobs, […]