Recycling is Better for the Economy

It’s a fact. Recycling Adds Greater Economic Value than Throwing It All Away It’s a fact: recycling creates greater economic value than “throwing it all away.” Yet for years, we have ignored the tremendous economic potential of recycling. Every ton of newspapers recycled and every ton of aluminum saved from the garbage heap creates jobs, […]

International Paper around the Globe

Interesting fact! By Katie Speights. Around 50% of paper produced globally is used for packaging and second largest market for paper is printing and writing. is the leading company that produces paper and packaging and generates the most profit for the global industry value, according to the Datamonitor Industry Profile on Global Paper and Forest […]

Update from Wendys HQ

Sarah gives up the scoop Working to promote environmental awareness and activism in hopes of making a positive change in our society can be a daunting task. But this year we are kicking off the Wendy’s campaign here at Ohio State in Columbus in effort to change their purchasing practices in order to help promote […]

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