Trash Monster Goes to Trinumeral

“Dressing” Trash Monster and collecting signatures we had a blast… This past weekend, August 8th – 10th, a few of us from Dogwood Alliance joined the crowd of 3,000 at Trinumeral, a music festival held at Deerfields campground (twenty minutes from Asheville), to encourage participation in our No Free Refills for the forest campaign. We […]

Trash Sculpture

Packaging Man!

Packaging Man Environmentally themed update on arcade classic “Pac” Man. Play it ! Help save Southern Forests from the bad guys!

“Pac” Man returns!

This time to save Southern forests… Who says you can’t have fun while saving the forests… And to prove our point, we have created the coolest video game since 1980! This morning we launched an environmentally themed video game, Packaging Man, to raise awareness on the destructive impact that fast food paper packaging has on […]