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Rise Up for Forests and Communities: Take Action Today

Dear [name],

Did you know that each of Enviva’s wood pellet facilities require approximately 37 acres of forest to be cut down per day?

Apparently, that’s not enough for Enviva, the world’s largest wood pellet manufacturer, which exports our Southern forests and ships them overseas to be burned for electricity. The company is applying for a major expansion at most of their North Carolina facilities — starting with Hamlet, Richmond County, where the members of the community are organizing to stop the expansion.

Rise up with Richmond County: Submit a public comment today

Tens of thousands of acres of NC forests are cut down annually for Enviva’s mills, a practice that destroys forests and harms communities with toxic air emissions. Last year, Governor Cooper and the NC Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) had the authority to revoke the permit issued to Enviva for their Richmond County facility. They failed to do so despite opposition from the community, organizations, scientists, and thousands of North Carolinians.

Now, DEQ is collecting public comments on Enviva’s latest bid for expansion. Join us to tell DEQ to do the right thing this time, and that we want clean air and an end to rampant forest destruction!

Tell DEQ to stop the expansion and enforce more pollution controls instead. Personalize your comment to make sure your voice is heard!

You are part of a growing movement here in North Carolina and around the country, calling for climate action, forest protection, and justice for all. Let’s show DEQ and Enviva just how powerful we are!

The public hearing on November 8th is right around the corner — that’s why I’m asking you to submit your public comment today. Guarantee that DEQ receives your message by individualizing your comment — introduce yourself, and include a sentence about why you are opposed to this expansion.

Say NO to Enviva’s expansion: submit a personalized public comment!

For our forests and communities,

Rachel Weber
Grassroots Political Organizer