Frontline Organizing, Resilience,
and Entrepreneurial Solutions Training

December 6 – 7, 2018
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The FOREST (Frontline Organizing Resiliency and Entrepreneurial Solutions Training) Circle is a network of activists, organizers, and community leaders. The mission of the FOREST Circle is to provide a collective space that intentionally fosters creativity and sustainability; while preparing frontline organizations through power building, education, and resource sharing.

The FOREST Summit is a gathering hosted by the FOREST Circle with workshops and trainings designed to build skills, power, and relationships. The Summit is grounded in the needs and communities of FOREST Circle members.

Workshops include Asset Mapping, Building Sustainable Relationships, Self-care, and Citizen Science.

All expenses are paid, including food, lodging, and support for travel costs. Childcare is also available.


Quotes from the 2017 FOREST Summit:

“The Summit was phenomenal. I also appreciated the atmosphere cultivated at the summit. I have rarely felt at home so quickly around a set of new faces. Both intentional and well developed, this summit allowed me to make some great connections.”

“The FOREST Summit is already starting to bear fruit with new relationships already creating new impactful projects.”

“The Summit has change my way of thinking in so many ways.”

“Participating in the FOREST Summit really shifted things for me in a positive way. I’ve never been this energized.”