Make a call to protect Georgia forests!

Standing forests in Georgia provide our communities with clean air, fresh water, and critical carbon storage. However, forests in Georgia are threatened daily by massive extraction and degradation — at one of the fastest rates in the world.

When Georgia forests are destroyed, degraded, converted to plantations, or harvested to burn for bioenergy, their climate and community benefits disappear. Short-lived products like paper, pulp, and wood pellets come at a great expense to our forests, climate, and communities.

Contact Representative Stephens today to ask his committee to support a resolution that promotes expansion, protection, and rewilding of Georgia’s forests!

We want to make this easy, so we have provided a sample script. Feel free to individualize the message to tell your representative why forests are important to you!

Call: 404-656-5115

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I live in Georgia. I am calling representative Stephens because I understand that he is the chair of the Economic Development & Tourism committee, where the Stand4Forests resolution is currently being considered. I am very concerned about the alarming rate of logging, destruction, and degradation of forests in Georgia. I’m calling to ask Representative
Natural forest ecosystems are our best defense against climate change, and they also provide us with clean air, clean water, biodiversity, protection from extreme weather, and green jobs in a decarbonized economy. At a time when we should be protecting standing forests, the destruction and degradation of US forests has created a climate emergency, which is a major injustice to our most vulnerable communities. I’m calling to ask Representative Stephens to endorse the Stand4Forests platform, and to continue his leadership by urging his committee to vote favorably for HR 930.

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