The decisions of the EPA directly affect Southern communities on the frontlines of the logging industry, and we’ve had an unexpected win in our efforts to persuade the EPA to take action on biomass. Earlier this year, the EPA committed to tour frontline communities impacted by biomass across the US South, but they canceled the tour. That’s why our regional network was ready to protest on the steps of the EPA.

Through our continued discussions, the EPA has again committed to communities. They’re planning to visit Gloster, Mississippi on October 25th where the Drax Amite Plant is. In a good faith effort, we’ve postponed our Rally on EPA and will instead be holding a press conference.

Join our regional network of partners on the front steps of the Region 4 EPA office in Atlanta, GA on October 21 at 12:30PM for a press conference.

We want to give the EPA the opportunity to correct its course. If the EPA is unwilling to do so, our collective of grassroots and environmental justice organizations will decide our next best course of action.

In collaboration with our partners: