• Gary Phillips, Past Dogwood Alliance Board Member

    Happy Senior Citizens’ Day!

    Chatham County, North Carolina based Gary Phillips wears many hats. He's a nature writer, an environmental realtor, a former pastor, and a past Dogwood Alliance board member. We're celebrating Senior Citizens’ Day by honoring his indispensable contributions to our organization!
  • DA_Southern Forests Infographic FIN

    See How Our Forests Fuel Europe

    Whole trees are being converted into pellets, and shipped across the ocean to European power plants – all in the name of “clean energy.” Our new infographic is a great visual tool for understanding the issue.
  • Enviva at Night

    Drax Loses Major Subsidy Battle in the UK

    UK Utility giant Drax, lost its courts battle and was denied a major subsidy to convert a coal unit to biomass. This decision was timed with a new IPCC report that says we need drastic emissions cuts to stave off the worst impacts of climate change...


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