• Concerned US citizens protest a wood pellet export conference in Virginia

    American Citizens to EU Commision: Stop Cutting Our Forests

    Over 50,000 US citizens are appealing to European Commissioners Arias Cañete and Vella for a change in the EU legislation that has caused a boom in the demand for wood pellets produced from Southern US forests. Their demand is today being delivered to the European Commission by BirdLife Europe...
  • MigratoryPathofWoodPelletsCartoon 650

    Editorial Cartoon: Migratory Route of the Southern Wood Pellet

    Flawed European policies meant to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change have large utilities rapidly shifting from coal to wood at the expense of wildlife habitat and the impacts are being deeply felt by vital bird populations. Loss of mature hardwood forests is having a significant impact on...
  • Field Verification Heartwood Carbon Canopy

    Forests Should Be Front and Center in Lima #COP20, Part II

    So, how is it that utility companies in Europe can get away with claiming offsets without having to verify and validate those claims? Why are they not held to the same globally-recognized set of standards as everyone else? Why do they get to take credit today for an offset...


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