Paper Campaign

The Paper Campaign represents Dogwood Alliance’s 15 year effort to transform the paper industry in the US South, the largest paper producing region in the world.

The campaign has many different facets; ranging from direct engagement with the large pulp & paper and wood producers, including our recent announcement of our agreement with International Paper, to partnerships with large end-users of paper products like office products retailers, including Staples and Office Depot. In addition, our campaigns have catalyzed big changes in the paper packaging sector especially the fast food industry with a recent policy from YUM! Brands, corporate parent of KFC and Pizza Hut. 

The pulp and paper industry 

While the pulp and paper industry no longer owns much timberland themselves, they continue to hold broad economic, social and political influence over those who do. Unfortunately, across the South and the world, paper companies can be driven — at least in part — to get their supply of wood at the cheapest financial cost without fully appreciating the environmental impacts of their purchasing on the forests. Our strategy to support and push the large corporate buyers of pulp and paper to demand more responsibly produced products has made remarkable progress. Please visit our Paper Companies page for more information.

The office products industry

As the leading retail outlet for paper and other forest-based products, the office supply sector is closely tied to the pulp and paper industry’s environmental impacts.  Through hard hitting public campaigns and strategic engagement, we have catalyzed a “race to the top” on improving the environmental paper attributes of companies like Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax.

Please visit our Office Supply page for more information.

Paper packaging

Over the last few years, Dogwood Alliance has been working hard to convince the largest users of paper packaging from Southern forests to use less packaging, use more recycled content, and ensure their paper packaging does not come from endangered forests in the South. Our efforts have focused on major Fortune 500 companies in the health & beauty industry, the music & entertainment industry, and major fast food companies. 

Go to our Packaging campaign page for more information on our packaging campaign and our recent victory in our Kentucky Fried Forest campaign, including an important sustainable packaging policy from YUM! Brands.