• no-throwaway-cups

    Love the Coffee. Don’t Love the Deforestation.

    Our trees aren't trash. On National Coffee Day, Dogwood Alliance joins with our partners at Environmental Paper Network to take action to raise awareness that using throwaway cups causes harm to people, forests, water and the climate.
  • Dogwood & Terrapin join together to save trees!

    A Big Thank You To Terrapin Beer

    We were lucky enough to hang out in the cool town of Athens, GA with other like-minded folks who were eager to learn more about how they can protect the forests in their backyard. This year, even more so, because three new wood pellet mills are proposed in and...
  • A clear-cut native forest being converted to a pine plantation near a biomass facility in Eastern NC. These tiny pine trees will take 20-40 years to reach maturity, when they’ll be clear-cut again. The carbon stock and native habitat of this forest will likely never recover.

    Wake Up EU!

    Here at Dogwood Alliance we proudly stand with the organizations and communities across the globe who work relentlessly to deliver the increasingly important message: Plantations Are NOT Forests.

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