• A clear-cut native forest being converted to a pine plantation near a biomass facility in Eastern NC. These tiny pine trees will take 20-40 years to reach maturity, when they’ll be clear-cut again. The carbon stock and native habitat of this forest will likely never recover.

    Wake Up EU!

    Here at Dogwood Alliance we proudly stand with the organizations and communities across the globe who work relentlessly to deliver the increasingly important message: Plantations Are NOT Forests.
  • Pileated Woodpecker

    Green Charades

    North Carolina activist, RiverDave, created a poem about wood pellets. We found the poem really inspiring and wanted to feature it on our blog!
  • poster6

    How to Fix Climate Change in 4 Easy Steps

    Don't let companies like Enviva fool you; the "green" fuel that they're marketing is driving climate change.

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