Join Dogwood Alliance at Decatur Green Fest

Hope to see y’all in Decatur on Saturday! Come on out to the 3rd Annual Decatur Green Fest on the Square in Decatur, GA on Saturday May 2nd from 3-10pm for live music, networking, and more! The event is free and proceeds from beer sales and more will benefit our organization and the Decatur Preservation […]

Happy Earth Day!!!

What do you think about Fast Food Companies buying their paper packaging from Southern forests? Leave a comment below! It’s a shame that the 11 Fast Food Junkies are still at it-buying their paper packaging from Southern forests. I want to take a minute to talk about how important Southern forests are, and why we […]

Nearly 50% of all landfill waste is paper or wood

Paper Industry Attempting to Rip Off Tax Payers for Billions

Paper companies, led by , have found a loop hole in the 2005 Transportation bill that they plan to exploit for billions of dollars in free money at the taxpayers expense… Take action to stop this ridiculous waste of taxpayer money: Here is some background on this critical issue: Background on Billion Dollar Black […]

Spring Brings Change to the Mountains

Update from Dogwood Alliance… Spring has come to the mountains, bringing with it the promise of growth, the renewal of life, and the reminder that time changes all things. In this spirit, the Dogwood Alliance is embracing the experience of our own change of seasons. We are pleased and excited to announce that Danna Smith, […]

Neville and Alina