Spelling Out Our Demands on KFC

Announcing a new eight part series highlighting what we are demanding KFC do to protect our forests… “KFC is as committed to the environment as we are to our food and to our customers. We are proud of the steps we have taken so far to reduce our environmental footprint and are committed as a […]

Ant-biomass Lobby Takes to the Halls of Congress

Our friends at various groups around the country fighting wood-burning biomass facilities took to the halls of Congress today to lobby for the end of unjust subsidies for biomass… Anti-Biomass Incineration & Forest Protection Campaign Lobbies Washington, D.C. Legislators The national grassroots Anti-Biomass Incineration and Forest Protection Campaign is in Washington, D.C. on July 14 […]

NETWORK: Meet Melinda Welton and John Noel

John Noel and his wife Melinda Welton of Nashville, Tennessee, are avid environmentalists with many ties to groups that are making a positive difference. So why does Dogwood Alliance hold a special place in their hearts?  

ACTION: Lindsey Hits the Road

This summer and fall, Dogwood Campaign Organizer Lindsey Simerly is hitting the road — and she may just be coming to your town.

IMPACT: Speaking Up at the Yum! Brands Shareholder Meeting

What does it take to speak up to corporate forest consumers? Just a single share of company stock. Dogwood Alliance’s Andrew Goldberg recently explained YUM! Brands’ role in forest devastation and admonished corporate leaders at the annual shareholders meeting in Louisville, KY.