KFC Occupied

Concerned Customers & Activists Across the U.S. Demonstrate at Over 150 KFC Restaurants Calling on the Company to Green Its Packaging (Our press release from today’s #OccupyKFC day of action!

Help Us Raise $15,000 to Celebrate 15 Years

This fall marks Dogwood Alliance’s 15th Anniversary. We’ve celebrated with parties and special projects, but none so important as our year-end campaign to help jump start the next 15 years for even bigger success. We’re kicking off our next decade-and-a-half with a special effort to raise an additional $15,000 by the end of the year.

Dogwood Alliance Wins Prestigious 2011 Benny Award!

This past October, Dogwood Alliance’s campaign to reform fast food packaging was recognized with the BENNY 2011 Path to Victory Award, given by the Business Ethics Network (BEN) at their annual gathering in San Francisco. The Path to Victory Award recognizes the significant progress made in catalyzing corporate transformation in the last year through campaign work.

15th Anniversary Slideshow

Some of the best moments of Dogwood’s 15 years of forest protection are highlighted in this four minute slideshow.