Amazing Capes Chooses Dogwood as Beneficiary

Roxanne Turpen’s Amazing Capes is an innovative company based in Asheville, NC where every purchase positively impacts our planet. Amazing Capes has chosen Dogwood Alliance as the beneficiary of their “Intrepid Adventurer cape: The Carson because of Dogwood’s ground-breaking advances towards creating a safer, healthier and more sustainable world and because Roxanne and Amazing Capes want to thank and support real-life superheroes who improve the quality of life for all who share this amazing planet.

For every Carson cape purchased, $2 will go to Dogwood to help protect forests!

For the Intrepid Forest Loving Adventurer: The Carson cape

Amazing Capes are a play item that can unlock your imagination, stimulate cognitive learning abilities in children, and provide kids with a jump-start towards being a real superhero in our world. Though geared towards children, Amazing Capes wishes to empower those of any age with a tool to release their inner superhero!

Amazing Capes are available in three sizes and feature eye-catching color combinations, high quality materials, fine craftsmanship and cutting edge design. These quality products ignite superhuman resolve so that all of us (child and adult alike) can grow up with kindness, confidence and a vibrant imagination.

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Get yourself The Carson cape, let the adventure begin, AND help protect forests!

2 Responses to “Amazing Capes Chooses Dogwood as Beneficiary”

  1. I just bought my son and I matching Carson capes. Can’t wait for them to arrive so Augie and I can start saving the world one small act of kindness at a time.

    • Amanda Rodriguez

      That’s so wonderful! We can’t wait either! Please send us pictures!


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