Governor Cooper, Be a Stand4Forests Champion

Save our Forests Group Photo

Forests provide us with clean air and clean water, protection from flooding and storms, and critical carbon storage. We need forests more than ever, but they’re being cut down at an alarming rate and even shipped overseas to be burned for dirty biomass power. We’re in a climate emergency, and industrial logging in North Carolina is making it worse.

In NC, Governor Cooper has made climate action a top priority of his administration, but dirty industries continue to expand and protections for forests are falling short. Enviva, the world’s largest wood pellet producer, was approved for three massive expansions in 2019. Logging is the third largest carbon emitter in the state, but the true climate impact flies under the radar in our state’s greenhouse gas inventory.

We need real climate leadership. Our leaders must address the threats of forest destruction and advance real solutions. North Carolina is ground zero for forest destruction, but it could be ground zero for forest protection and set the example for the rest of the region, nation, and world.

Call on Governor Cooper to become a Stand4Forests champion.