Stop the Wood Pellet Industry in its Tracks

The wood pellet industry is a disaster for our forests, climate, and communities. Every year, Enviva — the world’s largest wood pellet manufacturer — destroys tens of thousands of acres of North Carolina’s forests, grinds them into wood pellets, and ships them overseas to be burned for electricity.

Governor Roy Cooper has implemented an executive order on climate change and has been called a climate leader. Meanwhile, Enviva has undergone a massive expansion in North Carolina under his administration’s watch. North Carolina is ground zero for forest destruction, but the state could be ground zero for forest protection. If North Carolina can reverse the trend of unchecked expansion of Enviva, it will send a huge signal to leaders across the region and overseas. The world is watching to see what NC’s leaders do.

Governor Cooper can protect our forests by placing a moratorium on the expansion of the wood pellet industry. Send him a personalized message today: no more forest destruction!

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Action Target(s): Roy Cooper, Jeremy Tarr