No Expansion of the Wood Pellet Industry

The wood pellet industry destroys more than 50 acres of forests every day in North Carolina alone. Enviva, the world’s largest wood pellet manufacturer, is taking aim yet again at forests and communities. This time, Enviva is applying to increase production at their facility in Sampson County, North Carolina, a community hit hard by flooding from Hurricane Florence.

Enviva’s proposed expansion will mean more logging, more pollution, and more carbon emissions at a time when we need our forests to store carbon, protect us from flooding and storms and provide us with clean air and water.

NC Governor Cooper claims to be a climate leader. But so far, Governor Cooper has turned a blind eye to the wood pellet industry. Does that sound like climate leadership to you?

Submit a unique, personalized public comment today. Tell Governor Cooper and NC DEQ: The world is watching. Climate champions don’t stand for forest-destroying biomass. This is your climate legacy. NO expansion of the wood pellet industry in NC.

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Action Target(s): Roy Cooper, NC Department of Environmental Quality