USDA Approves Release of GMO Trees in the South

USDA ignores public outcry and hard science…   U.S. Department of Agriculture Approves Release of GE Trees USDA Approves ArborGen’s Request to Plant 260,000 Genetically Engineered Eucalyptus Trees Across U.S. South Yesterday the USDA’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service issued its decision to approve the mass-release of over a quarter of a million GE eucalyptus […]

2000 Reasons to Feel Better About Our Forests Future

Decatur Green Fest was a huge success… This past Saturday the Decatur Green Fest hosted by Dogwood Alliance drew 2,000 enthusiastic green Atlantans of all ages to a solar powered concert, decidedly non-fast food samples from 11 restaurants featuring local and organic produce and meats, a look at green products and services, and an introduction […]

Ending the Taxpayer Giveaway for False Climate Solutions

It’s time to invest our tax dollars in truly environmental solutions to climate change, not false solutions like burning our forests. We all know by now, except for the far fringe deniers, that we are in a climate crisis. Ice caps are melting, temperatures are dramatically fluctuating, sea levels are rising, and we have a small […]

More GE Tomfoolery from International Paper

IP is pushing harder than ever for the deregulation of genetically engineered trees… In a recent article, the implications of genetically engineered trees are explored in relation to and the company’s desire to find ways to continue to expand the use of trees in paper production as our forests continue to be devastated by business […]