More GE Tomfoolery from International Paper

IP is pushing harder than ever for the deregulation of genetically engineered trees… In a recent article, the implications of genetically engineered trees are explored in relation to and the company’s desire to find ways to continue to expand the use of trees in paper production as our forests continue to be devastated by business […]

On the Bounty of Nature

Corporate Engagement Director Andrew Goldberg waxes philisophical on all that nature has to offer this season… While I spend my professional time working to protect forests, this time of year my thoughts can’t help but turn to the amazing generosity of nature found in my backyard. First there’s the garden. It has survived the stomping, […]

Making a difference today!

Introducing Dogwood Alliance’s forests & carbon and corporate social responsibility intern, Vinay Lekharaju… When I started my internship at Dogwood Alliance I never realized that I would be so much into forests, carbon, woods, trees, shrubs and mountains. But within days I realized that all my mentors here have so much passion in doing what […]

Join Dogwood Alliance at Decatur Green Fest

Hope to see y’all in Decatur on Saturday! Come on out to the 3rd Annual Decatur Green Fest on the Square in Decatur, GA on Saturday May 2nd from 3-10pm for live music, networking, and more! The event is free and proceeds from beer sales and more will benefit our organization and the Decatur Preservation […]