Amazing Capes Chooses Dogwood as Beneficiary

Amazing Capes has chosen Dogwood Alliance as the beneficiary of their “Intrepid Adventurer cape: The Carson because of Dogwood’s ground-breaking advances towards creating a safer, healthier and more sustainable world and because Roxanne and Amazing Capes want to thank and support real-life superheroes who improve the quality of life for all who share this amazing planet.

129 Biltmore Ave: Where My Dream Takes Off

Dogwood Alliance is the first organization that I worked with outside campus here in United States. As an international student at Duke University, I kept trying to gain an opportunity to work in the industry before I applied for the Stanback Internship program.

My Summer in Asheville Filled with a Passion for Nature

I first knew Dogwood Alliance from the Stanback Internship Program at the Nicholas School of Duke University. I chose Dogwood partly because I’m an environmental student who is interested in renewable energy, and partly because Dogwood Alliance is not a big NGO that could give me real hands-on experience! It turned out that this was a decision I’ll never regret.

My Summer Internship with Dogwood Alliance

Without a doubt, my summer with Dogwood has been the most impressing and meaningful time in my life. Let’s roll back to the very beginning of my interview, when Haiz Oppenheimer, Dogwood’s Campaign Organizer at the time, told me the success story of the Staples campaign, forcing Staples to make environmental sustainability commitments. I knew then that Dogwood Alliance was a non-profit organization that would share me with its powerful spirit, but it turned out what Dogwood gave me was far greater than that.