My Summer Internship with Dogwood Alliance

Without a doubt, my summer with Dogwood has been the most impressing and meaningful time in my life. Let’s roll back to the very beginning of my interview, when Haiz Oppenheimer, Dogwood’s Campaign Organizer at the time, told me the success story of the Staples campaign, forcing Staples to make environmental sustainability commitments. I knew then that Dogwood Alliance was a non-profit organization that would share me with its powerful spirit, but it turned out what Dogwood gave me was far greater than that.

Court Strikes Down EPA’s Free Pass for Biomass

A federal court deemed that the EPA acted outside their purview when they granted that deferral and that the Clean Air Act should and does apply to all industrial facilities, including biomass plants.

Forests Win with Dogwood’s IP Victory

After 10 years of campaigning, Dogwood Alliance was finally able to form a partnership with International Paper (IP) to advance forest conservation in the southern U.S. What does Dogwood’s new partnership with International Paper mean for forests? What do forests really get out of it?

The Days Since the Our Forests Aren’t Fuel Campaign Launch

We’ve been busy here at Dogwood Alliance in the days since the Our Forests Not Fuel campaign launch in partnership with our allies at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Most importantly, we’ve been spreading the word about these big utility companies who are cutting down our trees to produce electricity while calling their unsustainable practices “green” and “renewable.”

Our Forests Aren't Fuel