Wood Pellets…The New Coal

You know you’ve effectively gotten the attention of the media when they ask you to speak on a panel about your campaign at the Society of Environmental Journalists annual conference. On September 7th, I hopped a plane to New Orleans to debate Seth Ginther, the Executive Director of the US Industrial Wood Pellet Association, in front of a roomful of journalists. Over the last few of years, coal burning power plants have been converted to burn wood pellets as a supposedly clean and renewable energy source.

UK Government Investigates Wood Pellet Industry in US South

Last week Dr. Anna Stephenson, a scientist from DECC, flew from London to Raleigh, North Carolina to begin a two week investigation of the forest and climate impacts associated with the UK’s increasing reliance on imported wood pellets as a fuel source for generating electricity.

European Energy Policies Threaten the World’s Forests and Climate

Recent scientific studies warn that burning trees for electricity might actually increase CO2 emissions. In addition, new evidence has emerged documenting that current European demand for wood as fuel is destroying some of the world’s most precious and vulnerable ecosystems – wetland forests in the Southern US.