OfficeMax Environmental Policy Signals Office Supply Sector’s Continued Interest to ‘Go Green’

Today, OfficeMax (NYSE: OMX) released a new environmental paper policy which will reduce the company’s impact on forests and further bolster the recycled paper industry. This commitment caps a seven-year effort by environmental groups led by Dogwood Alliance and ForestEthics to green the office supply industry. In less than a decade, the office supply sector has now transitioned from one of the most environmentally destructive industries to one that has begun to challenge the world’s largest paper companies to improve their forestry practices.

Health, Beauty & Over-Packaging

Dogwood Alliance and our supporters from around the United States are highlighting the Health and Beauty industry for the role that its’ paper packaging plays in contributing to the destruction of Southern forests. The companies, include Proctor & Gamble, Unilver and Revlon, are major health and beauty companies making hundreds of products packaged with paper […]

Take the Packaging Pledge!

Take the Dogwood Alliance Packaging Pledge Nationwide Response Illuminates the Packaging Problem People from across the country agree that the paper packaging industry needs reform. It’s just not right and we can do better than generating 300 pounds of packaging waste per person each year.We generate so much waste that 32% of the entire domestic […]

Improved Stewardship of Southern Forests Celebrated on First Anniversary of Historic Agreement

Today marked the first anniversary of a landmark agreement between Bowater, Inc, one of the Southern United States’ largest paper producers, and environmental groups Dogwood Alliance and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The agreement set forth a plan to preserve and protect the unique forested landscapes of the Cumberland Plateau and the Southern U.S. The accord marked the first commitment by a large paper producer to dramatically alter its forest management practices, including ending conversion of native forests to sterile pine plantations.