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The Economic Impact of Enviva in North Carolina

…in a community leads to dangerous, unintended economic consequences. Foreign support largely drives Enviva’s economic growth. For example, the UK gave Drax, a major UK energy provider, $965 million dollars…

wood pellets emerge from a machine

Top 5 Forest Preservation Documentaries

…in our 4-part top forest documentaries series: Part 2: Top 5 Forest Restoration Documentaries Part 3: Top 5 Old Growth Forest Documentaries Part 4: Top 5 Communities and Forests Documentaries…

Climate Change Is Making Hurricanes Worse

…y turismo. ¿Quieres aprender más y tomar acciones? Regístrate en nuestra lista de correo, y completa nuestro compromiso hacia los humedales para comenzar a hacer una diferencia en tu comunidad….

a boat rests on top of a pier after a hurricane

9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Wetland Forests

…restore wetlands in coastal areas. Without the protection of wetlands, roads, houses, and other man-made structures along coastal areas would be defenseless against hurricanes and tropical storms. Wetland Forests…

a clump of pitcher plants, found exclusively in wetland forests

Woods & Wilds: The Podcast | Art is Healing

…and contribute towards mural installments that also fuse techniques in art therapy. More of her work can be seen at Listen to the full Woods & Wilds: The Podcast|…