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Top 5 Communities and Forests Documentaries

…fresh look into local activism and the importance of community organizing. Water Warriors Water Warriors is the story of a community’s resistance against the oil and natural gas industry….

forests and communities documentaries

Ecosystem Services Explained

…important roles to play?! 4 Types of Ecosystem Services The benefits nature provides to people tend to be sorted into four classes of ecosystem services: Provisioning services are the…

ecosystem services - money growing on a tree

Top 5 Old Growth Forest Documentaries

…YouTube. Hunting Giants A wilderness explorer searches for the largest old growth tree still standing near Port Renfrew, Canada, a logging town on the brink of collapse. This cinematic…

Biodiversity In Your Backyard: Reptiles

…snakes in North America”. Like bog turtles, Southern hognose snakes suffer from habitat loss with the decline of their longleaf pine habitat. Road mortalities are also common because they sometimes…