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Ecosystem Services Explained

…important roles to play?! 4 Types of Ecosystem Services The benefits nature provides to people tend to be sorted into four classes of ecosystem services: Provisioning services are the

ecosystem services - money growing on a tree

Top 5 Old Growth Forest Documentaries

…to watch: Available on YouTube. Hunting Giants A wilderness explorer searches for the largest old growth tree still standing near Port Renfrew, Canada, a logging town on the brink…

old growth forest documentaries

The Legacy of Longleaf Pine

…enemy when the turpentine industry destroyed the forests. When a plantation was being used, overseers used controlled burning, a technique Native American communities used first, to kill competing plants. Once…

Longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) cones, multiple, brown - Davie, Florida, USA

Woods & Wilds: The Podcast | Radical Dreaming

…artists, entertainers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and other climate experts. Nakisa has built a local to national track record as a community organizer, with years of experience in corporate, community…

Woods & Wilds: The Podcast | Radical Dreaming

Top 5 Forest Preservation Documentaries

…it is an issue of environmental justice when we take a look at the most often low income Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities where these forests are being destroyed. Here…