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KFC Occupied

…Johnson & Johnson. Today, after more than four years of continued efforts by Dogwood Alliance to communicate with KFC and its parent company Yum!, they have demonstrated no meaningful concern…

15th Anniversary Slideshow

…are highlighted in this four minute slideshow. It’ll inspire or re-inspire you about the beauty and importance of Southern forests and the work Dogwood does to protect them.  …

Global Enviro Groups Call Out SFI in New Report

…to be considered successful. Unfortunately, PEFC is failing to do this; buyers should beware of greenwash when considering PEFC and SFI labelled wood products’’. The researchers for the On the…

Organizing Youth, Making a Difference

…conversation” in order to really ensnare the kids’ attention; we talked about why forests are special and important, the impact of the paper industry, and Dogwood’s current campaign against KFC….

Sarah at Camp Celo