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Your Very Special Gift for the Fast Food Junkies

…the photos, and we want to be sure to include yours. If you can do more than one, that’s great! We look forward to seeing your fast food billboard….

Wendy's Sign

Recycling is Better for the Economy

…years. Source: California Integrated Waste Management Board, “Meeting the Demand: A Market Development Plan for California.” Sacramento: CIWMB. March 1993. More facts on the economic benefits of recycling:  …

Update from Wendys HQ

…we are kicking off the Wendy’s campaign here at Ohio State in Columbus in effort to change their purchasing practices in order to help promote the protection of the Southern…

Sarah - Free The Planet

McDonalds Opinion Piece

…fast-food companies could move toward more responsible practices, including reduced usage and increased use of post-consumer recycled content fiber to make paper packaging. McDonald’s has made big strides in packaging…

Andrew Goldberg

From Forest to Clearcut

…be in Wilmington as the same time as Lawernce Earley, the author of Looking for Longleaf.He talks so passionately about these incredible forests! Check out his website It was…