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Easy Salamander Identification In The US South

…tails, so don’t touch them. Marbled salamander How to identify a marbled salamander: Their bodies are thicker compared to other salamander species. They grow to about 3.5 to 4.25 inches…

Eastern Red Spotted Newt, an easy salamander species to identify

Top 10 Black Environmentalists To Know About

…also provides youth hands-on experience in owning and operating a community venture. Raising awareness for healthy food access and community outreach with African American communities Hattie Carthan Community Farmer’s Market…

a man holds a seedling

Environmental Racism in the United States

…in 2010, communities all along the Gulf Coast suffered severe impacts. This included the local Indigenous communities, who the federal government has long ignored. The BP oil spill destroyed the…

polluted water contributes to environmental racism