Why reducing and recycling is good

Words of wisdom from Rachel, 11 years old

Why Forests Are

are important because trees give off the oxygen that we breathe. If people keep
on cutting down more and more trees, then we won't have any left. And if we
don't have any left, then we won't be able to breathe, and we can't live
without oxygen. Using recycled paper and recycling or reusing all the scrap
paper that we have can help to save the trees that will save us. So, even
though it might seem like making more paper is good, at the same time, it's bad
because it is killing trees. So, if you use recycled paper, you are saving
trees and yourself and other people around you.


Why Companies
should use less packaging

Companies should use less packaging because
using more new packaging means cutting down more trees. And cutting down more
trees is bad for the environment. Many stores now over package way too many
things like toys, house decorations, and technical equipment. If companies
would use less bags and boxes and wrappings, then they would be helping to save
plants and many animals that live in these plants. That is why I think that
protesting for more recycled paper and less new paper is good for people and
the environment.

Rachel , 11 years old

The Learning Community School

grade 6

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