Why go green?

Why would the music industry go green besides the fact that
it’s good for the planet? Lotsa

The biggest to me being that it IS good for the planet—for our forests, to slow global warming,and for future generations of music lovers.

But it also makes economic sense for the music industry. Think about all those millions of CD’s that are being produced, all those booklets, the packaging, the paper. That’s big.

It Pays To Go Green

  • Unnecessary
    packaging adds to your costs – the more packaging you use in your product
    the higher the cost of production
  • A switch
    to enviro-friendly packaging attracts better publicity and more fans and
    therefore increases revenue
  • Enviro-friendly
    packaging saves forests, protects drinking water, wildlife habitat and
    helps slow global warming helping everyone save money associated with the
    costs of dealing with environmental disaster
  • Once you
    begin to think about your paper choices, you recognize other areas of
    waste in your life where through careful reduction you can save money
  • In the
    long run, the greater the demand for enviro-friendly packaging, the lower
    the price becomes over time

That’s why musicians like REM,
Moby, Rock the Earth, and others have signed on the show that there is a demand
for sustainably made packaging, and there are a lot of other ways the music industry
can go green!

about your packaging choices

Post-consumer recycled content
is readily available.

Reduce packaging when it is an

Use minimal plastic &
plastic free packaging with soy-based inks and H2O based coating

Part of the solution to the
climate crisis is recycled versus virgin paper

Look at packaging companies
like Groovehouse records or Ivy Hill, who makes Warner Music Groups sustainable

Touring is a big one! Offset your Carbon emissions by purchasing
renewable (wind & solar) energy credits from companies like Green Mountain
and TerraPass .

Give a percentage of
your sales to an environmental charity. Tree
Leaf Music
is a working example of a label committed to supporting effective
environmental groups.

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