Live from Bonnaroo–Day 3

Hundreds of signatures, conversations, photos and dozens of interviews later–it's day 3! Check out the video interviews.

I could hardly imagine it without being here myself, the
80,000 people. It’s actually like a city
popped up here overnight. A lot of hard
work and planning has gone into this whole event, and I’m happy to be a part of
it since this Bonnaroo is making such great strides to go green and lighten the
environmental footprint of the whole festival.

Planetroo is a great example of that, all of the great
groups that are here to talk about their issues and promote some great
causes. Every day we’re talking to
hundreds of people about protecting endangered forests and solving the
packaging problem!

I had an interesting conversation with someone who was
concerned that the Packaging companies like Yum! foods, Sony and Universal are
not here to tell their side of the story.
My response was that every day these companies are talking to you
through branding, advertising and sales. On billboards, on the radio, on television,
magazines, newspapers, you name it. A
lot of what the packaging problem represents is a refection of these companies
branding process and there is no need for the destruction of Southern forests
for over-packaging.

The bottom line is that millions of acres of endangered
forests are clearcut every year and a lot of that is for packaging. So, this is an opportunity for you to talk
back to those companies that are always talking to you! Already, we’ve had great success in doing that!

It’s also been fun working with our amazing volunteers who
we wouldn’t be able to do this without. Thanks
to all of you!

Oh, and after all the hard work we’ve done the last few
days, I am really looking forward to checking out Flaming Lips show tonight. They start at midnight, and I want to get a
good spot—it might be the best show they’ve ever played!

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