On the road in Louisville, KY–home to Yum! Brands

We visit Louisville, KY, home of fast food giant Yum! Brands, parent of Taco Bell, Pizza
Hut, KFC and more…

Trevon and I ventured out to Louisville to do outreach at the Forecastle Festival, a place for music, arts and activism in downtown Louisville. We had a great time giving people information about the horrible packaging decisions of Yum! foods which are having a major impact on Southern forests. It seems like everyone knows who Yum! brands is in Louisville, which makes sense since that is where the HQ is.

We met some fantastic people–there are many organizations in Louisville doing great work like Kentuckians for the Commonwealth , The Kentucky Resources Council, Sierra Club Louisville Chapter, and Community Farms Alliance to name a few. I’m looking forward to our next trip to Louisville–I plan to set up a presentation or two highlighting the packaging problem and the major role Yum! brands plays in forest destruction.

I facilitated a panel about green business in which we covered why it’s important to shop locally to the impacts that large corporations have on the environment and how we, as consumers, can hold multi-billion dollar corporations like Yum! brands accountable for that impact. Joining me on the panel were Sierra Club, Community Farms Alliance, and Heine Brothers Coffee (who you should definately check out).

I also had a great time getting to know the Forecastle activism organizers, Kate and Megan, who got almost 50 organizations together all doing great work! Thanks Kate and Megan. Oh, and we did happen to catch some good music–my favorites where Girl Talk and Todd Coyle...

Here are a few of the photos from the weekend, enjoy!



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