Earth Day Action with the Francine Delany

Elementary School kids make cards out of packaging to send to the 11 Fast Food Junkies!



Last week Dogwood Alliance visited
Francine Delany Day School For Children to talk to kids about the fast food
packaging problem! The kids were so
excited, and they decided to make cards out of packaging they had collected to
send to the fast food companies! We’ve
had students across the state do this…

If you’re classroom is interested
or you know someone who is, let me know and I’ll get you all setup. The more cards that are sent to the CEO’s the
better. Below are some of the
photos. Here’s a link to the science
class blog:

Here’s the letter that Lindsey
Hogan, science teacher at Francine Delany, sent to the CEO’s with the packaging cards:

Dear fast food junkies,

Our school has decided that our forests are too important to be wasted on
packaging. For Earth Day, students elected to write you letters
requesting that you please stop using our important resources for excess
packaging. They chose to spend their day doing this because it is
important to them as tomorrow's leaders. As a teacher, I educate today's
youth about community and responsibility. We teach to students to make
decisions that benefit those around them-not just in their own interest.
The use of wreckless logging practices and overuse of packaging from industries
like yours is resulting in the destruction of important ecosystems and excess
waste in our landfills.

I request that you really consider these core values of responsibility and
community that our students care about so much when you read their
letters. Listen to their voices-they are those of concern and great
awareness. In response I hope you will reevaluate your practices and
consider the responsibility you have for our environment and community.

Thank you for your time,

-Lindsey Hogan
Francine Delany
New School
for Children


Thanks Francine Delany and all the awesome students there for your great cards out of packaging!

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