Packaging Video Contest

Check out the Arby's video contest… funny video


Our friends down at Arbys have decided to
hold a video contest and we’re not going to pass this golden opportunity to get
a word in about their packaging…. O yeah, I know your smiling now.

Here’s the gist…

Arby’s is inviting customers to compete for a chance to
appear in one of its TV ads and win free food for a year. We are excited about
the opportunity to send a loud and clear message to Arby’s CEO Roland Smith by
posting a few video on their site about their choice to use Southern forests
for packaging.

And we invite you to submit a
video too!
out the contest rules, gather together some friends and make and submit a fun
video. Of course, send us a copy too and we will post your entries on our site.

Arby's is one of the 11 fast food junkies… Click to tell your friends about the No Free Refills (for
the forests) campaign.

Every year millions of pounds of food packaging waste litter our roads
and clog our landfills, while there are simple choices and creative solutions
that can reduce the excess destruction of our forests.

Click here to read the contest rules.



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