From Forest to Clearcut

Through VA and NC


Forest in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal forest region are amazing. I traveled along the coast last week through SE Virginia and SE North Carolina to meet with activists, members, and other organizations concerned with s forestry practices in the region.

It’s a shame that some of the biggest paper packaging mills in the world (of course owned by ) are being fed by endangered ecosystems that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!And, for fast food packaging of all things.

I was lucky enough to be in Wilmington as the same time as Lawernce Earley, the author of Looking for Longleaf.He talks so passionately about these incredible forests! Check out his website It was inspiring to watch his presentation and to meet him afterwards and talk about Dogwood Alliance’s work to protect and restore this ecosystem.

I went to some of the forests he talked about, and it was an awe-inspiring moment.I also went
through many clearcuts along the way, which was sad and astonishing. Here’s a photo of me in a clearcut we walked through that is in the sourcing area of the mill in
Franklin, Virginia.

It was fun meeting with all of the activists, talking about the campaign, and hearing all of the awesome ideas and sharing the passion people have for our forests! I’m looking forward to Ruth, our new organizer who starts on the ground full time in November.



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