Even in a soft economy people care about green

Our strategy is working friends!

A report released by Office Depot yesterday announced that even with the economic slowdown statistics continue to support the
claim that “green” is important for today’s business professionals and
consumers. Apparently sales from the company’s Green Book continue to rise.

Office Depot began selling and marketing green products because Dogwood
Alliance activists, volunteers, donors and staff challenged the company
to stand accountable for the impacts of their business practices on
Southern forests. We also helped build consumer demand for
environementally responsible paper products. We knew these changes
were vital to the protection of our forests but we also believed that
making public commitments and acting on those commitments would prove
to be a wise business decision as well.

We don’t expect Office Depot to thank us. But you can thank us, if
you like by donating now. Then when we announce our next big victory
or accomplishment you can say “Hey, I did that!”

Very best,

Michelle Smith

Development Director

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