International Day of Action Against Tree Plantations

Learn about the September 21st Day of Action against tree plantations and how you can help…

September 21st is the International Day of Action against Monoculture Tree Plantations. Plainly
spoken, communities are protesting the continued global expansion of pine, eucalyptus, oil palm and jatropha tree plantations which major paper companies,
fast food companies and energy companies are planting to replace forests, indigenous lands and arable agricultural lands.
Take a moment to watch a wonderful animation developed by our friends at the World Rainforest Movement in Uruguay that illustrates this problem worldwide.

In our region, we are all too familiar with tree plantations as the Southern US has 42 million acres of
plantations, more than anywhere else around the world. In the South, plantations which replace natural forests, have resulted in more large-scale clearcutting, reliance on toxic chemicals in their management, pollution of drinking water, the loss of wildlife habitat, the replacement of vital carbon sinks, and the list goes on and on.

Recently it has come to our attention that , the largest paper producer in the South and around the globe, is petitioning the US Department of Agriculture to permit plantations of
non-native, genetically engineered eucalyptus trees in the South. Not only could genetically engineered trees wreak havoc on the ecosystems of our region, but if approved will signal a massive increase in the amount of tree plantations in the region.

Enough is enough! We invite you to take action and tell to say NO to genetically
engineered tree plantations.

backed ArborGen, a joint venture with MeadWestvaco and New Zealand’s Rubicon has developed and plans to plant genetically engineered eucalyptus on a large scale. Now they have genetically engineered eucalyptus trees designed to survive in the temperate U.S. South. Eucalyptus trees are non-native, water intensive, highly flammable and should not be introduced into our already
fragile environment.

A recent story in Bloomberg News confirmed that ’s main motivation is to remake forests in the same way that Monsanto dramatically changed farming and food production in the US and around the globe. Not unsurprisingly, the current CEO of ArborGen spent 18 years at Monsanto.

So today, Dogwood Alliance joins international civil society in protesting tree plantations. We hope
you will take a moment to take action and will enjoy this sweet little animation created by
the World Rainforest Movement in support of today’s activities.

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