National Blog Action Day on Climate Change

Joining over 8000 blogs nationwide today shining a spotlight on climate change…

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Today is Blog Action Day and this year’s focus is Climate Change. Dogwood Alliance is joining over 8800 blogs around the world to shine a spotlight on climate change and invite our readers to stay informed and take action on this important issue. Last week we launched an exciting project called the Carbon Canopy to fight climate change by teaming up with some of our former foe to protect and restore Southern forests which you can read all about here. Today, we are going to highlight an important national movement and upcoming events people should look out for in their local communities.

This year the United Nations is hosting an international conference on climate change in Copenhagen. As we have seen more and more impacts of climate change around the globe from major glaciers melting, sea levels rising, further salination of fresh water and more intense weather patterns, this conference is bound to be interesting.

James Hansen, a NASA climate scientist has released a study explaining that 350 parts per million is the highest concentration of CO2 that the Earth’s atmosphere can maintain over a long period of time. Above this level, damage begins to occur, including the melting of ice caps and sea level rising. Currently we are at 387 parts per million.

On October 24, people from around the world will hold events to raise awareness on the need for immediate action to address climate change. You can view the map of events around the world and search for an event near you here.

Dogwood Alliance is doing our part and will be at our local in Asheville, NC. It will take place downtown in front of City Hall from 2-4 PM. There will also be a group picture taken that will be combined with all of the pictures worldwide to produce a collaborative image of support. We will be tabling at this event, so come out and support this cause and participate in the global petition! For more info on the Asheville event, visit here.

We thank your for being a reader of our blog and we hope you will take a few minutes to peruse various other blogs today writing about differing aspects on this important issue and type up and email or two to national and local leaders inviting them to take action on this critical issue that impacts every single person on the planet.

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